What Clients Say…

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Jess Inder – Boss Babes Project

“Second to none compressed business experience”

I have had the pleasure of working with Colin for about 10 years now on several joint projects and client’s business and marketing campaigns.

The knowledge and compressed business experience that Colin brings to the table is second to none and my clients campaigns have been successful because of it.

He would be one of the world’s leading business and marketing strategists, being able to cut through complex challenges and deliver solutions for easy deployment.

On top of this he really cares about the success of the people he works with and is a genuine human being.

Jeremy Seymour

Media Advertising Specialist at Sensis

“His focus was always in and around leading”

I had the pleasure of working with Colin Cooper for two years on various projects. My experience with Colin has always been positive and worthwhile. He holds the ability to maintain a high level of client service and satisfaction. His focus was always in and around leading, mentoring and inspiring others both internally and externally to meet business demands and expectations. Colin’s success to date has been due to his can do attitude and his pro active nature to meet client’s expectations.

Thanks Colin! For all that you do!

Bryony Crouch

Senior National Relationship Manager – Best Doctors Australia

“Genuinely cares and wants to take me further”

I have been blown away by the level of expertise, professionalism and consistency. If there’s one thing i know in business growth that consistency is the key, just being consistent in your follow up, in your process and in what you do leads to success.

One thing I love about Colin is that he is always reaching out to me about how can help you and take you to the next level. I want to work with someone that genuinely cares and wants to take me further and build those alliances that are built on trust, transparency and consistency.

I highly recommend if you want to level up then you need to work with Colin

Matt Egan

Director of Channel Sales at FetchRev


What clients, JV partners and students say…

“A masterful marketer… a man of integrity”

Colin is a masterful marketer. I’ve known him and worked with him on several joint venture and client projects over a number of years. In terms of online conversions, what he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing. His practical knowledge spans all media. Not only that, he is a man of integrity who wants the very best outcome for his clients. He takes your results personally which is refreshing in today’s impersonal online world. If you get a chance to work with Colin, grab it with both hands, he won’t let you down.”

Steve Plummer

Marketing Strategist, Marketing Coach, Sales Language Expert, Speaker and Founder of Symmetry Marketing and Publishing

“Colin is a very detail-oriented person who is both task and people focussed”

He has an extremely positive attitude to business and life, and genuinely enjoys helping businesses reach the next level. Colin is efficient, accommodating and generous with his time to ensure that his clients receive a quality result.

Dr Gail Crossley-Craven


“Certainly my first point of contact for business development”

I have known Colin for several years having worked together on marketing projects during my time at The Coffee Club. Not only is Colin a genuinely good guy, he is also exceptionally skilled and very knowledge when it comes to all things marketing – particularly Online & Social Media.

Greg Pond

Education/Government Sales Consultant QLD

“Now have a new income stream”

I’ve been wanting to bring a certain info product to market for years but never had the time or know how to do so. With Colin’s expertise, I now have a new income stream that’s pretty much fully automated. This has allowed me to help more of my clients in new ways, which I’m really happy about. He was able to see what needed to be done and then put the strategies and building blocks in place to make it happen. Thank you Colin.

Mark Selbst

Coach to the auto industry, Melbourne

“Colin is a marketing Genius and demystified digital marketing for me”

By no means am I a social media or digital marketing expert, so I was grateful for the advice and solutions Colin has provided for me. If it wasn’t for his expertise on what type of articles I should use and the best times to post on social media I wouldn’t have known this simple secret that generated more traffic to my site.

He certainly demystified digital marketing to me which made it easy to understand, less confusing and extremely cost effective Not only that he give me the idea to start interviewing influencers which has given me massive momentum in my business. So for that, I am forever grateful.

I have no hesitation in recommending his services to any SME struggling to get a return on investment from their digital marketing.

Carlo Guzzi

Master Copywriter

“He is passionate about seeing people succeed”

Over the time that I have known and worked with Colin, I’ve found him to be warm, reliable and incredibly knowledgeable plus he has an intense thirst for growing and learning… always improving, shifting and testing his new skills along with his mastered.

Not only has he shared that incredible mental library of his generously with me, he is passionate about seeing people succeed. If you work with him, you know he cares and has your best interests in mind, top of mind.

Thanks Colin! For all that you do!

Jennifer Bongard

Systems and Procedures Strategist

“Thank you for making business easy and enjoyable”

I have now partnered with Colin on various JV projects and he always delivers what he says he will do and more.

Clients have initially found it difficult to comprehend how genuine Colin is and how much he wants to help people but after a while they realise that he not only has a wealth of knowledge but can also implement his theories with great results. He will never undertake anything that he does not feel will work.

Of the businesses we work on together the outcome is always as planned– I look forward to working on many more successful projects with Colin, thank you for making business easy and enjoyable and being a thoroughly nice guy too!

Trish Glover

“Colin’s attitude and compassion are what stands out most”

I’m honoured to say I’ve developed a significant partnership with Colin. His broad knowledge in both business and social interactions continues to astonish me. Colin’s attitude and compassion are what stands out most.

He understands there’s nothing noble about being superior to another. I’m proud to say, Colin is not only my business partner but also our good friend.

Declan and Malena Pleash

“Colin has a very special skill set”

I have been fortunate to work with Colin a several projects recently. Colin as a very special skill set in the areas of web development, social media marketing and demographic profiling.

However it is Colin’s application of these skill sets that has impressed me most. Colin looks at projects from a helicopter perspective to ensure that a project synergies across the business and offers the client total value. He will not take on a job if the end result will not add value to a clients business.

With so many pieces making up the marketing puzzle these days Colin’s ability to project map out both simple and complex projects allows the client to receive a better understanding of the media landscape and to create a strategy to build their business within a set of defined budgets.

The scope of work capable within the Boost Your Business team that Colin has put together is impressive and working with Colin has allowed our team to deliver greater value to our own customers.

James Crowson

Direct Sales Manager NZ – Coca-Cola – Amatil NZ

“He’s remarkably well connected, highly respected and has his finger on the pulse of business trends”

In the time it’s taken to develop and launch The Business Institute – a JV I’m working on with Colin Cooper – there’s been many opportunities to observe how Colin does business; and it’s impressive!

Colin is the real deal and someone you must seek to connect with if you’re at all serious about launching or scaling a
business. He walks the talk, implementing clear and decisive strategies to realise his vision and bring results.

He’s remarkably well connected, highly respected and has his finger on the pulse of business trends, tools and initiatives. Working with, and thereby learning from Colin has been by far my best business decision yet.

Shari Brewer

“Colin took me under his wing and showed me the ropes”

Over a decade ago, I found myself in need of a career change due to a rapid change in economy and business climate. The skills I had acquired over a career in technical support, internet technologies, desktop publishing, and management served me well. However, I found that my talents were being grossly undervalued in a new world economy. Then, I met Colin. Our paths had crossed on a project and he immediately recognized my wealth of experience coupled with a total lack of direction. I was quite fortunate at this turn of events and our meeting would forever change my life.

Colin took me under his wing and showed me the ropes. We had a lot in common and became more than just co-workers and contractors. We became business partners and even friends. I went from writing lousy pay per word, keyword stuffed articles to things that actually worked in marketing. Colin and I could see the changes coming and were often ahead of the curve when it came to things like sweeping Google algorithm changes. Our sites and our clients’ sites survived the onslaught experienced by many sites—sites that had previously “earned” top rankings by gaming the system rather than delivering quality content.

We simply called it marketing—doing our jobs. They would later coin it as inbound marketing or content marketing. We were dumbfounded that so many people saw this as new. This was nothing new to us. It was what we had been doing for years. It was based on science and the study of psychology. What we did was translate what had worked on the human psyche for hundreds if not thousands of years into the digital realm. There was no real secret sauce or winning tactic. It was a combination of tried and true methodologies that coalesced into success.

Over the years, I have watched Colin turn several small businesses, would be marketers, and products into thriving success stories. I have had the opportunity to work with him on some of those projects and he and I have continued to learn from one another along the way. Like me, Colin is constantly testing new technologies, enhanced tactics, and cutting edge programs. He is able to see patterns quickly and pivot just as quickly to get his clients onto what works.

Colin explains complex strategies and technologies in a way that even the uninitiated can understand. Those who have worked with him over the years have learned that he will put his money where his mouth is when it comes to proving a point. He works diligently helping others be successful.

While many marketers and their firms will claim to have some sort of surefire way to get top rankings, increased sales, etc., Colin gives it to his clients straight. This will work. That will not work. In all cases, though, it requires work. If one is willing to invest in techniques and strategies, either through time and sweat equity or by paying someone else for their time and work, the guidance he gives will make them a success.

Cameron Cornuik

Marketing Technology & Strategy Director

“He will definitely be able to help you to start, grow or improve your business”

I first met Colin over 18 months ago when he was running the “Crack the Funnel Code” training program with another colleague of ours Steve Plummer. He has always provided very useful and practical advice not only for my own business, but to anyone else who I have heard him talk to.

He is always happy to listen to questions and provide solution or options, which can be implemented right away.

Colin and I then worked together on an “Inner Circle” program which saw us develop a plan for my business and we worked on a couple of joint venture opportunities as well as conducting a successful Mastermind day together in Brisbane (with Steve) for a group of marketing professionals.

Colin and I touch base on a regular basis and are we are always looking for ways to work together or introduce each other to opportunities, where we can add value to someone else’s business.

I strongly recommend Colin as a mentor, advisor and/or delivery partner and he will definitely be able to help you to start, grow or improve your business.

David Letizia

Marketing Automation and Digital Marketing Consultant

“Helped my clients achieve sustained results efficiently and with greater ease than previously experienced”

Having known Colin since 2006, I’ve had the privilege to witness the positive impact he has created for a wide range of clients. On numerous occasions, I’ve referred clients to Colin who had been frustrated with their results from previous consultants or web platforms, to find that his up to date perspective and experience, has enabled them to achieve sustained results efficiently and with greater ease than previously experienced.

Most of all, in introducing Colin to my clients, I value his ability to help business owners enjoy their business and make the impact they aspire to have in their industry.

Ian Dorrepaal

Marketing Strategist and Founder of Vizzably