Colin has spoken to a variety different companies organisations on a number of topics including but not limited to sales training, marketing workshops and personal development. Colin’s talks are , informative and entertaining. With Colin’s compressed business experience, he has a wonderful way to tailor each talk to the audience and capture their attention.

Colin’s enthusiasm for entrepreneurial leadership seen him undertake mentoring, training and ongoing study with some of world’s leading entrepreneurs. From this he has learnt skills and techniques that he can now pass onto others in his quest to help business owners to stay ahead of the game in a market of increasing change.

Colin will deliver methods that can easily be used in the workplace to increase revenue and market share. Retain staff by offering personal development courses that will educate the owners of business, improve the culture of the workplace and help employees reach their full potential, by understanding and listening to their individual needs.

Topics are designed to deliver a series of proven strategies with a combination of facts, humour, insights and practical concepts. The audience will walk away with the capability to apply this information into their business straight away giving better and faster results.

  • Learn how Emotional Intelligence will change the productivity environment in which you own, manage or work in. This is a skill that is much more important than IQ, but unlike IQ can be improved with the right tools
  • Make positive changes happen through more profitable selling by using street tested techniques and not just theories
  • Learn how to research your target market using platforms like Google Adword, Google Analytics, Social Profiling, Demographic Profiling and stay ahead of your competition
  • In a world of constant change, Colin will teach you which digital marketing media works best for your business and skills and tips on how to get the most out of each platform
  • Be the leader you aspire to be and develop your skills on how to collaborate, lead and align the people within your workplace with value and purpose, not structures and spreadsheets
  • Develop your skills in body language by being aware of non-verbal communication, signs and signals to help manage your staff more efficiently

If you’re looking for public appearances, to book a paid speaking gig, contact Colin using the form below.

Colin has spoken at many forums including:

St George Bank, ANZ Bank, Coffee Club, University of Queensland, Gold Coast TAFE, Queensland Health, Headspace, Franchising Australia, Noosa Tourism, Sunshine Coast Tourism, Mt Tambourine Wedding Group, Healthy Breathing Centre, Business Networking Event, B2B Brisbane, WNA and many more.

Emotional Intelligence

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you know that success is hard to achieve and maintain, no matter what your goal. It’s not enough to be intelligent, or to have the right experience, credentials or contacts. Increasingly, it is your “soft skills” that lead to success. But what makes up these soft skills? The answer is emotional intelligence; and unlike IQ, this is something that can be learned.

Discussing the 5 core competencies of Emotional Intelligence, a skill that is much more important to business success than IQ.

  • Gain a thorough understanding of what EI is and how it impacts their business success
  • Test their own emotional intelligence to find gaps and areas for improvement
  • Find out how to apply EI concepts to improve their sales performance
  • Discover ways to implement EI concepts to improve their leadership and management skills
  • Create a plan for constant testing and improvement of their EI for future success

Sales Training

The key ingredients to increasing profits are enhanced sales management and implementing field-proven strategies for productivity improvement. Designed to make positive results happen through more profitable selling. The emphasis is on street-tested sales management techniques – not theories – that are able to be implemented immediately. When combined with sales techniques proven to build and nurture relationship selling, you are rewarded with repeat, longer term clients and, therefore, reduced sales and marketing costs.

Market Research & Analysis

Market research is the best way to ensure longevity of your business however most small business owners often overlook market research and analytics– to their detriment.

Market research is an essential and ongoing component of all successful businesses. Using platforms like Google Adword, Google Analytics, Remarketing, Headmap tracking, Social Profiling, Demographic Profiling and Big Data this allows you to undertake state of the art detailed advanced targeting

Franchise Marketing & Development

Why Franchise Your Business Instead of Just Expanding?
A lot of people who have started a successful business and realize that there only option is to expand in order to be able to service more customers, fill more orders, etc. are faced with the decision of expanding or franchising. Why would you want to franchise rather than just opening additional locations or moving to larger facilities? There are a few reasons and, as established specialists within the franchising industry, we can help you sort it all out.

The truth is: sometimes it makes sense to expand and sometimes it makes sense to franchise. We can help you tell which is better for your growing organization. Getting a larger facility or opening more locations is more expensive. The bigger an organization gets, the more convoluted the hierarchy and management scheme. Building a franchise tends to be faster and the dedication and loyalty that sprouts from franchisors is something that otherwise can’t be bought.

Any business owner—either those who have failed or those who have been successful—can tell you that it is never enough to have a great product or great service. You need a winning strategy—one that is going to take you from the early stages of development and be scalable to a successful business’s growing needs.

We were there for Kubarz from start-up and helped them build to more than 10 franchisees in less than 2 years. We helped put Coffee Club on the map as well. We also sit on the board for several business and franchise advisories. my proven track record speaks for itself. Isn’t that the kind of expertise you’re looking for?

Project Management Made Easy

A start-to-finish guide for small businesses & entrepreneurs to get more done in 2016, This workshop is designed to teach you to be more efficient and profitable way to manage their projects.

As with many small business owner and entrepreneurs, there is a struggle to keep things running smoothly and efficiently. As they are trying to do several tasks all at once. This leads to some of the more important tasks to fall between the cracks.

When businesses use proven project management for even their smallest projects, they are able to be faster, more profitable, and more efficient when achieving their goals. Using Project Management , you will be able to be more effective and more profitable easy to manage your projects.

Business Mastermind Workshop

Designed for leaders in the business world to gain insights into what’s changing and receive key action points that you can implement into your business today! There’s are only a few certainties in life: death, taxes… and change. And the rate of change is speeding up—rapidly. Several factors are causing this acceleration: the expansion of technology and knowledge, globalisation and the changing demographic majority.

One Major Key is the Changing Demographic:
The millennial (GenY) generation (those born in the 1977 – 1990s) are the largest to enter the workforce since the baby boomer generation. Nurtured through a different era, this generation has a different value system, and they will play a key role in the changing nature of workplace dynamics. Fact: Did you know that by 2018 GenY will outspend baby boomers and already play a key part in shaping the business world today, are you ready?

Leadership over the past 50 years has been based on the premise that the organization is purely an economic entity. The priority was to develop structures, set controls and leverage capital as effectively as possible. This was accomplished through pyramids of hierarchies performing rigidly narrow tasks within clear guidelines. This is quick changing and today, the speed of change demands a completely different business leader: one who can rapidly adapt to change, requiring constant involvement in skill development. They will need to be expert in human capital, not just financial capital; master emotional intelligence, not just economic competence; know how to collaborate, not just control; lead through networks, not hierarchies; and align people through meaning and purpose, not structures and spreadsheets.

Body Language in the Workplace

You have probably been in a situation where you didn’t really believe what some was saying, had the sense of something didn’t quite ring true or had a gut feeling this is not right? Could have been something as simple as them saying yes but their head and body language is saying No Way!

There is a large difference between the words people speak and what our understanding of their body language with non-verbal communication. Develop your awareness of the signs and signals of peoples body language in the work place to help you negative better deals, manage staff for effectivity and much more.

Ready to identify the “friction” in your business?

…so it works simply and with “flow”, so you smile more and start to enjoy the fruits of your labour?