How to combine proven business systems, the latest behaviourial science and cutting edge technology to get ahead of the curve in 2019

“Ends the confusion and overwhelm once and for all”

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Increase your results this year through the “Friction to Flow” process.

What is “Friction to Flow”?

It’s a peak performance state when you and your business perform at their best.

Whether you know it or not each business and person gets into this zone in a unique way.

We create a blueprint from start to finish for how to get your business operating in the simplest “flow” state, consistently.

This is a multidisciplinary, supremely practical methodology to get you results fast.

How well you combine traditional success strategies with the latest behavioural science and today’s tech breakthroughs determines your level of success.

When this “flow” happens in your business… it’s fun to watch how your mood as leader and the mood of your whole company changes.

Why read any further…

Let’s face it, you don’t need another “marketing guru”.

Anyone can build you a funnel, landing page, lead magnet, website… but very few people implement a human behavioural approach to client acquisition and running a business.

What you need is a mechanism to make it all work better… to bring simplicity and flow to your everyday.

The mechanism is me.

Meet Colin Cooper

I am the visionary force behind 1000’s of successful Australian and international businesses.

Having worked directly with small and medium businesses for 19+ years I am continually frustrated with the simple mistakes I see made, mainly due to the lack of knowledge and support.

You see I’m not the norm. Usually, whatever direction others and the markets are going I’m one of the very few and very successful people who goes the other way.

When someone is saying it’s impossible – I’m the guy looking for the solution to make it happen.

Each of my clients is unique, as is the “Friction to Flow” they require to create success.

As a recognised business leader in the business development and success industry I have dedicated my professional life to learning and being directly mentored by people like Darren Hardy, John C Maxwell, Jim Rohn, Jeff Walker to name a few.

Success Engineer

Colin Cooper

The aim of us working together is:

  • More Time (for you to think and play)
  • Less Friction (in winning new business and delivering outstanding results)
  • Massive Increases in Net Profit (with less work so you – finally! – enjoy the fruits of your labour)

In fact with “Friction to Flow” your ROI is guaranteed

my Skills

Leverage the talents of someone who has…

Years as an Entrepreneur

Dedicated Hours Per Month To Personal Development

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“Friction to Flow” Double Your Profits 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Here’s how it works…

It’s pretty simple, I put my reputation on the line for you. Within 12 months of us working together you will have DOUBLED your Net Profit GUARANTEED! In the unlikely event this has not been achieved I will continue to work with you after the 12 months free of charge until you do. I can’t be any fairer than that!

Friction to Flow

The 8 Pillars that create “Friction to Flow” in business

Your business is like a big old family table… you may remember one from your childhood.

Long and rectangular, sturdy with 8 functioning legs… it’s able to withstand just about anything a family can throw at it.

Remember that?

But what happens if there are “issues” with 2 or 3 of those legs?

They are loose. Or shorter than the others? Or there is are chips missing from the bottom?

The table becomes unsteady. It rocks from side to side. Sure, it still works, but less so.

Much like a business if 2 or 3 of its “legs” aren’t functioning properly.

And what if you cut the table in half and have only 4 legs? Again, any trouble with a single leg destabilises the whole thing.

Every solid, successful business that stands the test of time is built on 8 legs of success, like this:

Emotional Intelligence

Also known as EQ, some studies estimate high EQ accounts for up to 70% of results!

Business Strategy

What to do when and for how long is a vital “Friction to Flow” component and success driver

Demographic Profiling

Who are your A, B and C clients? What should the mix of these be and how to attract them is key

Marketing & Sales Language

How you attract who you want to do business with, with ease

Key Ratios & Advanced Tracking

The art of “knowing your numbers” and “which” numbers is key to profitability

Behavioural Science

Understanding why humans do what they do and when, including body language and micro/macro expressions

Financial Road Maps

Know what financial decisions to make and when to maximise your profitability

The Success Clock

Knowing where you are “at” What to do when and for how long is a vital “Friction to Flow”
Our “Friction to Flow” work with you makes sure all 8 legs or pillars of your business are stable and fully functioning, so… just like the big old family table, your business works the way it should, with maximum efficiency and least effort on your part.

Businesses That Have Work With Us?

An existing database of customers
A strong social media presence
A constant flow of leads
Been operating for 3 + years
Plus, you must operate in at least one (preferably two) the three niches we specialise in:



Holistic Living

Here’s the simple 5 step process to remove the friction in your business.

Step 1

Complete Details and Submit

Step 2

You will receive a personal email with a private calendar link

Step 3

Choose a time that is suitable for you

Step 4

You will receive an email confirming the call time and next stages

Step 5

We will do the call

Why Work With Me

The 9 Authentic Reasons Why Business Leaders Choose to Work with Me…

Authentic Reason #1

Science-based approach to marketing, systems, leadership and management to produce measurable boost to a business bottom line

Authentic Reason #2

Success leaves clues – enviable track record… international business success with start-ups to Fortune 500 companies across 23 countries

Authentic Reason #3

JV deal maker across 4 continents, including Natura Institute, The Kids Book Company and The Business Institute

Authentic Reason #4

Partnership creator with like-minded aligned businesses such as Bizcover, Lawpath, NoAdded and Infusionsoft

Authentic Reason #5

Not just business but wellness and spirituality focused

Authentic Reason #6

Author and speaker and sought-after educator and magazine publisher

Authentic Reason #7

ROI Guarantee few dare match means you risk nothing

Authentic Reason #8

Vast experience having been trained and/or certified in NLP, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Micro & Macro Expressions Consultant, Equine Therapy, Emotional Intelligence, Psychotherapy, Mindfulness and Meditation

Authentic Reason #9

Depth of knowledge to create solutions from 20+ years as an entrepreneur and consultant to 101 different industries, there’s almost no situation, challenge or scenario I haven’t seen and found a fast solution to

The Joint Venture Deal Maker

Another reason business owners are intrigued by and want to work with me is my track record as an uber successful joint venture partner. Here are some recent examples:

What clients, JV partners and students say…

“A masterful marketer… a man of integrity”

Colin is a masterful marketer. I’ve known him and worked with him on several joint venture and client projects over a number of years. In terms of online conversions, what he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing. His practical knowledge spans all media. Not only that, he is a man of integrity who wants the very best outcome for his clients. He takes your results personally which is refreshing in today’s impersonal online world. If you get a chance to work with Colin, grab it with both hands, he won’t let you down.”

Steve Plummer

Marketing Strategist, Marketing Coach, Sales Language Expert, Speaker and Founder of Symmetry Marketing and Publishing

Ready to identify the “friction” in your business?

…so it works simply and with “flow”, so you smile more and start to enjoy the fruits of your labour?

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