Why do you need to think different in 2018

With the window of opportunity closing, being in the right place at the right time with the right idea is becoming harder.

Why is there so much change now… it’s simple:

Spoken language took hundred’s of thousands of years to be developed
Written language only took 1,000’s of years
The printing press only took 400 years to be developed and reach a mass audience
The telephone took quarter of the population in 50 years
The mobile phone only did that in less than 7 years
Social Networks, Wikis and Blogs did that in 3 years

What does this mean … there’s a continued advanced acceleration of change and innovation
so you need to prepare your business for the world that you cannot see

Sounds impossible right? No… however you do need clear planning, research, analytical data and realistic honest approach to your business.

Proven Strategies

Battle tested systems for your business

Team Building

The global workforce to advance your business

Personal Development

Achieve your goals 100x faster and be the best version of yourself


Inspire, motivate, and bring out the best in your team

Choose to be the exception and allow my compressed business experience assist you in your
growth today to prepare you for tomorrows world

Quick About Me

Colin Cooper is the visionary force behind 1000’s of successful Australian and international businesses who have gone from start-up to major success with proven battle tested strategies. As a recognised business leader in the business development and success industry since 2001, Colin has dedicated his professional life to learning and being directly mentored by people like Darren Hardy, John C Maxwell, Richard Brandson, Jim Rohn, Jeff Walker to name a few.

Colin mentors and sits on a range of advisory positions world wide and many of the high performing business and non for profit organisations. Colin also delivers workshops, contributes to a range of business blogs and sites and undertakes keynote public speaking.

3 Months With An Entrepreneur Mentor

I have been helping small, independent businesses get on their feet and grow for years. We had to come up ourselves and it wasn’t until after a few shortfalls and mistakes that we too were able to consider ourselves a success.

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Executive Endorsements

I have had the pleasure of working with Colin for about 10 years now on several joint projects and client’s business and marketing campaigns.

The knowledge and compressed business experience that Colin brings to the table is second to none and my clients campaigns have been successful because of it.

Jeremy Seymore

Media Advertising Specialis, Sensis

Colin is one of the most knowledgeable marketers in Australia. His agency gets results. His experience and knowledge are deep and cross many industries and platforms. He studies and stays up to date so he can present the best solution for clients. On top of that he is a man of the highest integrity who really wants the best for all those he works with.

Steve Plummer

Sales & Marketing Strategist, Copywriter, Copywriting Coach for SMEs, Speaker

Colin is a very detail-oriented person who is both task and people focussed. He has an extremely positive attitude to business and life, and genuinely enjoys helping businesses reach the next level. Colin is efficient, accommodating and generous with his time to ensure that his clients receive a quality result.

Dr Gail Crossley-Craven


Having worked with Colin on a number of projects within the Coffee Club network I can highly recommended him as an energise individual. He has a very dynamic way of viewing challenges and is able to short cut through to results within projects. With Colin’s assistance he helped convert a Club that was earning net losses each week with earning net profit each week within a few short months. Truly amazing and would highly recommend Colin if you are looking to hirer his services.

Greg Pond

Former CEO , Coffee Club