Friction To Flow

The Philosophy I Live and Work By

It’s a peak performance state when you and your business perform at their best.

Whether you know it or not each business and person gets into this zone in a unique way.

We create a blueprint from start to finish for how to get your business operating in the simplest “flow” state, consistently.

This is a multidisciplinary, supremely practical methodology to get you results fast.

How well you combine traditional success strategies with the latest behavioural science and today’s tech breakthroughs determines your level of success.

When this “flow” happens in your business… it’s fun to watch how your mood as leader and the mood of your whole company changes.


The 8 Pillars that create “Flow” in business

Your business can be likened to a big old family table… you may remember one from your childhood.

Long and rectangular, sturdy with 8 functioning legs… it’s able to withstand just about anything a family can throw at it.

Remember that?

But what happens if there are “issues” with 2 or 3 of those legs?

They are loose. Or shorter than the others? Or there are chips missing from the bottom?

The table becomes unsteady. It rocks from side to side. Sure, it still works, but less so.

Much like a business if 2 or 3 of its “legs” aren’t functioning properly.

And what if you cut the table in half and have only 4 legs? Again, any trouble with a single leg destabilises the whole thing.

Every solid, successful business that stands the test of time is built on 8 legs of success, like this:

Emotional Intelligence

Also known as EQ, some studies estimate high EQ accounts for up to 70% of results!

Business Strategy

What to do when and for how long is a vital “Friction to Flow” component and success driver

Demographic Profiling

Who are your A, B and C clients? What should the mix of these be and how to attract them is key

Marketing & Sales Language

How you attract who you want to do business with, with ease

Key Ratios & Advanced Tracking

The art of “knowing your numbers” and “which” numbers is key to profitability

Behavioural Science

Understanding why humans do what they do and when, including body language and micro/macro expressions

Financial Road Maps

Know what financial decisions to make and when to maximise your profitability

The Success Clock

Knowing where you are “at” What to do when and for how long is a vital “Friction to Flow”
Our “Friction to Flow” work with you makes sure all 8 legs or pillars of your business are stable and fully functioning, so… just like the big old family table, your business works the way it should, with maximum efficiency and least effort on your part.

“Friction to Flow” Double Your Profits 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Here’s how it works…

It’s pretty simple, I put my reputation on the line for you. Within 12 months of us working together you will have DOUBLED your Net Profit GUARANTEED! In the unlikely event this has not been achieved I will continue to work with you after the 12 months free of charge until you do. I can’t be any fairer than that!